Housewives: Style Inspiration


Some of Perth’s drag favourites including Hannah Conda and Katya Kokov will be bringing 1950s realness to Connections for the Housewives show on March 29th!

To get you amped up, we’re presenting you with some style inspiration from the hallowed halls of pop music! Here are some of music’s most beautiful bettys for your sartorial pleasure!

Britney Spears

If U Seek Amy

Britney will always have a special place in the hearts of those who adore good ol’ fashioned trash pop, and this video is no exception. Britney masks her sin-ridden lusty lifestyle with the guise of a Stepford Wives bob and a pink turleneck. Not only do pink turtlenecks make you appear morally upstanding, but they’re also great for hiding hickeys.


The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)

Everyone’s favourite seafaring bondage mistress Cher is this time taking a turn for the demure, joined by a young Winona Ryder and a prepubescent Christina Ricci. The ensemble here illustrates the sheer impact of several people wearing the exact same outfit, which is especially effective with matching black fifties bouffants.

Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman

Something Stupid

Robbie Williams brings some lactose-heavy cheesy greatness with this duet from his 2001 album ‘Swing When Your Winning’, which won the hearts of mums everywhere. Nicole Kidman joins him in modelling what looks like a 1958 David Jones catalogue. My personal favourite is the short-sleeved star spangled Christmas sweater.


I Want to Break Free

In this all-time classic, Freddie Mercury models the aforementioned black bouffant and pink turtleneck (this time sleeveless), but mixes it up with a black leather miniskirt for a more risque effect. And you may as well, if you’ve got legs like that. Mercury also teaches us the important lesson that just because you’re in drag, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your moustache.

Room Eleven

Lalala Love

Not only does this song feature one of the greatest kazoo solos of all time, but singer Janne Schra also illustrates the value of a good red lipstick, and the ability to match said lipstick with your shoes. And if you can match dress, lipstick, and shoes, you have achieved the Monochromatic Sartorial Trifecta and will receive a certificate from the Queen of England in the post. Also check out Room Eleven’s mad sweet album cover for Mmm… Gumbo? for more domestic goddess inspiration.


Why Don’t You Love Me?

Her Majesty Beyonce brings seriously 50s housewife style in this madly underrated video, in which she stars as B. B. Homemaker. Oh man, THE OUTFITS. THE MAKEUP. This is the most flawless cat eye you will ever see! An important lesson to learn from this video is that the old adage from Coco Chanel that you should take off one accessory before you leave the house is utter nonsense. Stack those rings on, girl! Also, if you have flawless turquoise nails, nobody will notice if your eyeliner is running down your face.

Sophie Joske

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