Senator Jacqui Lambie denies she made a homophobic slur

Jacqui LambieSenator Jacqui Lambie has denied she made a homophobic slur – directed at QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce – when she had a meltdown in an airport recently.

The Tasmanian senator delivered an apology to QANTAS staff on Wednesday after the airline banned her from flying with them for six months.

The Senator lost her cool when staff informed her she would not be given access to the Chairman’s Lounge, because of previous bad behaviour.

Explaining her tirade that was unleashed at staff, the senator said she had been on pain medication for an old back injury and she had been having a particularly very bad day.

“It was the end of a long week in Canberra. I’d backed into a car that morning, got a speeding ticket on the way to work, and my flight home was delayed.”

“It was a bad day for me. But it was worse for the poor Qantas staff who had to stand and take my rant. It was totally uncalled for and totally unacceptable behaviour on my part. I have apologised to the staff for my actions, and I’d like to do so again.

“I’ll take whatever punishment Qantas throws at me. I’ve done the crime and I’ll do the time, because that’s what I deserve.” Senator Lambie said.

The Senator has subsequently however denied media reports that suggested she had called QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce “a poof”.

“I never said it. I’d never say that. I’m not a homophobe, and I don’t know why someone is anonymously accusing me of being one. It never happened. What did happen was I blew my top at a Qantas worker who didn’t deserve it, and I apologised to them, I’ll apologise now, and I’ll wear the consequences.” Senator Lambie told the Sydney Morning Herald.

QANTAS has also confirmed it has no reports from the incident of Senator Lambie making the comment.

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