Japanese politician says accepting gay relationships will lead to unhappy people

A Japanese politician is under fire after she wrote an article suggesting that accepting same-sex relationships would lead to a lot of unhappy people.

Mio Sugita argued that there was too much support for LGBTIQ+ couples in Japan. The MP said gay couples were not as productive and other members of society because they did not have children.

The politician said that she had grown up in an all girls schools where girls often fell in love with each other, but they all realised they could go and have “normal lives” by marring a man and having children.

Sugita said there should be no state funding directed towards LGBTI people and suggested that increased media coverage would lead to more people being same sex attracted.

A report in the Japan Times says the politician was concerned that too much positive media coverage of the local LGBTIQ communities “could make people capable of enjoying normal romance and getting married believe that they have an option of going homosexual, and as a result risk increasing [the number of] unhappy people.”

OIP Staff