Josh Cavallo voices his concerns about Soccer’s World Cup in Qatar

Out and proud Australian soccer player Josh Cavallo has shared his concerns about soccer’s World Cup being held in Qatar. Homosexuality is illegal in the Middle Eastern country, and can see people jailed for three years. Muslim offenders face the death penalty under Sharia Law.

The 22-year-old play shared that he has fears for his safety if he’s selected for the Australian team, but the boss of the World Cup has given assurances that all players will be safe while competing in the competition.

Speaking to Sky Sports Cavallo said he was eager to part of the Australian team.

“I’d definitely go to the World Cup. I want to show it’s okay for everyone,” Cavallo said. “It’s not just okay for Josh Cavallo because he’s a footballer, and he’s protected, I want it to be okay for that everyday person.”

Cavallo said realising that his lifelong dream might clash with the countries laws and made him pause and consider.

“I want to do something really good in my career. I’ve always dreamed of playing for my country at the World Cup, but do I want my life to be in danger?” he said.

The sports star also addressed his concerns in an interview with Australian Men’s Health magazine, where he is their July cover star.

“If I was lucky enough to represent Australia at the World Cup in Qatar it would be an incredible honour. But it does concern me, because for me to go to Qatar, I know there are different laws and that my safety might be at risk,” he told Men’s Health magazine.

“I could possibly be prosecuted just for being who I am. It’s concerning, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” Cavallo said.

World Cup officials say have discussed the issue of gay rights at great length with local representatives and are confident that LGBT players and fans will not face discrimination, while also asking that local laws are respected.

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