“It’s just about fairness” Yes campaign launches new advertisement

The Equality campaign has launched a new advertisement highlighting that marriage equality is just about fairness.

The latest TV spot doesn’t involve any LGBTI couples, instead showing a traditional nuclear family showing support for marriage equality.

As the kids carefully measure out a row of drinks, with one child watching carefully to ensure the liquid is evenly distributed, their parents talk about why they support marriage equality.

“We’ve always taught them how important it is to be fair, to treat everyone the same.” the Mum says in the new ad, “That’s what our parent’s taught us, and that’s what this marriage equality thing is all about, fairness., treating everyone the same.”

“And that’s all it’s about” adds the Dad in the scene.

“So after all we’ve taught them, of course we’re voting yes.” the Mum says.

“We’ll be in trouble with them if we don’t.” the Dad adds, looking towards the next generation.

Check out the new advertisement. 

OIP Staff

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