Kimbra shares upbeat new single ‘replay!’ from upcoming album

Coming off the release of her single save me and podcast Playing With Fire, two-time GRAMMY award-winning artist Kimbra releases the second single, replay! off her upcoming studio album A Reckoning, out January 27, 2023.

Kimbra is no stranger to being vulnerable while challenging expectations. replay! is a pulsing, electronic-influenced track that chronicles a woman’s struggle with ruminating thoughts that demand our attention.

The fast-paced song is complemented by the hyper-yet-sensual music video, directed by Colin Solal Cardo.

On the new single, Kimbra shares “I’m interested in the motivations behind our anger and compulsive tendencies. I wanted to make a song that depicted two sides of my internal experience, one is chaotic but the other is very in control, introspective and calm.”

“This song is about the experience of being on loop,” she continues.

“There’s this movie going around in my head replaying both the beautiful and the terrifying times during a relationship. But there’s also an inability to let go.”

“Hanging onto the pain made me feel like this person was still in my life. There was an addictive quality to the cycle, even though I knew it was time to face and release it.”

replay! is out now.

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