LGBTI+ rights activists announce protest against Lyle Shelton event

Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR) have announced they will hold a “speak-out” against Lyle Shelton when he makes an appearance at Dee Why’s New Life Church on Thursday.

The ex-director of the Australian Christian Lobby is scheduled to give a speech at an event about his book I Kid You Not: Notes From 20 Years in the Trenches of the Culture Wars.

Shelton will enter the NSW parliament in November, taking over from Fred Nile as the Christian Democratic Party’s pick.

CARR have raised concern that he will join forces with One Nation MP Mark Latham and push for the ‘Religious Freedoms’ amendment to the anti-discrimination act and the ‘Parental Freedoms’ education bill.

According to the groups Co-Convener, April Holcombe, the event at Dee Why’s church will be a platform for the right to distil hate against LGBTI people.

“Lyle Shelton is known for his leading role in the No campaign against marriage equality, opposition to Safe Schools, and has defended gay conversion therapy.

“We want Shelton to be met with loud and angry defiance so he knows he will never get away with his bigotry,” Holcombe said.

According to a spokesperson from the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, the Religious Freedoms amendment to the anti-discrimination act is aimed to wind back anti-discrimination protections.

“Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion and should not be used to impose religious values,” they said.

CARR has been campaigning against the right for religious institutions to discriminate on the basis of sexuality, and recently disrupted committee hearings chaired by Latham in the NSW parliament.

“We have been opposing Latham bills and we will continue to push back against anti-LGBTI forces,” Holcombe said.

The future leader of the Christian Democratic Party spoke to OUTinPerth, saying the description used by CARR was disappointing.

“I abhor the hatred of people. Jesus calls us to love others, including those with whom we disagree. I seek to live by that. I’m saddened that CARR have described me as someone they hate. That’s not how we treat our fellow Australians.” Shelton said.

Shelton said once he entered parliament his focus would be on gender fluidity, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

“In terms of priorities, I want to see gender fluid indoctrination of children and experimental treatments on them become a thing of the past. I also want to prioritise freedom of speech and freedom of religion – policies that are good for all Australians. No one has anything to fear from free and open debate nor from extending tolerance to people’s sincerely held religious views.” Shelton said.

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