Local Filmmakers Show True Colours


Writer and Producer Ben Croker and Director David Valent


A team of local filmmakers are taking on the issue of homophobic bullying in their upcoming short film ‘True Colours’.

The film is being made by a large team including WA Screen Academy students and starring WAAPA third year acting students.

‘True Colours’ tells the story of 16 year old Parker, who suffers bullying and intimidation at the private boys’ school he attends at the hands of the ‘Wolf Pack’, lead by the cruel Schultz. Isolated, Parker devises a secret language using the names of paint sample cards and turns an art project into a coded message. When Wolf Pack offsider Nash shows Parker kindness, is he being genuine or staying true to the gang?

Writer and producer Ben Croker took a break on set to chat to OUTinPerth about the project. He explained that the idea came to him in a sensory deprivation tank.

“It started all my ideas going, and took me back to my school days and a lot of the issues I had from my school days in the mid-eighties in a private boys school. It got me thinking about telling that story from those and I know that in a lot of ways it’s still current and relevant today. From what I hear from other people, homophobic bullying is still a really serious issue. It just occurred to me that in those days when I was at school I didn’t have a voice because I didn’t fit in, and it’s about giving a voice to someone who’s in that situation.”

Croker explained that the team, including director David Valent and producer Sophie Notley have an ambitious vision in mind for the look of the film. With the assistance of Coptercam, they’re shooting some of the film’s beautiful Mosman Park scenery from a drone camera with a professional aerial cinematographer.


The drone camera captures the actors in action.


“By making it as pretty and as beautiful as possible, which is why we’ve got the helicopter camera here today, hopefully that will help in us telling that story and getting those messages across.” he said.

The crew have set up an Indiegogo campaign to ensure that all production costs are covered and they can tell this story to the best of their abilities.

Later in the year, Channel 9 will be broadcasting ‘True Colours’ alongside other short films from the WA Screen Academy.

“Hopefully by as many people being able to see it as possible, straight people, gay people, all people, that people will open their minds a little bit to what’s happening and still happening in schools these days and make some changes.” Croker said.

Find out more about ‘True Colours’ and support their Indiegogo campaign here.

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