Lyle Shelton hopes marriage laws will be reversed

Lyle Shelton, the new Communications Director for Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives has told Sky News that they’d like to see Australia’s recently passed same-sex marriage laws reversed.

Shelton quit his role at the Australian Christian Lobby on the weekend, so he could run for a seat in federal parliament at the next election. He’s be a candidate in Queensland, but in the meantime is serving as the party’s national spokesperson.

Appearing on Sky News Shelton faced a grilling from David Speers over how the party would treat the issue of marriage in the future. After trying to avoid the question, Shelton declared that the Australian Conservatives would like to eventually see the laws turned back again.

“What is the policy? Are the Australian Conservatives wanting to change that legislation again?” Speers asked.

“Our policy as is on our website is to support the traditional family, I don’t expect the Australian people to change anytime soon.” Shelton said.

Speers noted that the party’s policy did not explicitly say what their goal would be in the future, and asked Shelton to clarify if they’d like the laws to be changed back again.

“The party supports the natural family and would suspect that over time that we would be wanting to see marriage restored in our legislation, in our culture, and that’s an aspiration that’s part of our party policy and I don’t think anyone would be surprised about that.”

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