Male Croatian Bears Observed Having Oral Sex


In a wildlife sanctuary in Croatia, two male bears have been observed having oral sex on a regular basis.

Zoo Biology reports that researchers from Polish Academy of Sciences Department of Wildlife Conservation regard this as “the first observations of long‐term, recurrent fellatio in captive brown bears kept in proper conditions”.

According to the report, sexually stimulating behaviours that are not linked to reproduction are uncommon in non-human, particularly non-primate mammals. Fellatio in non-human species is often considered a stress response rather than for enjoyment.

The researchers observed 28 instances of oral sex between the two male bears across 116 hours of observation.

The roles of ‘provider’ and ‘receiver’ (or ‘top’ and ‘bottom’, as they are known in human terms) appeared to remain unchanged. The report stated:

“The provider always initiated the contact involving vigorous penile sucking that appeared to result in ejaculation.

“All cases appeared to be initiated by the provider, who approached the receiver while he was resting on his side or with part of his abdomen exposed. If the receiver’s genitals were not exposed, the provider would push his head into the pelvic region or use his paws to separate the hind legs.

“After accessing and initial licking of the penis, the provider would find a more comfortable posture, such as sitting or lying… once actual sucking started, neither bear changed position.”

Lead Researcher Agnieszka Sergiel theorized that the behaviour may have developed as a result of the bears being orphaned at an early age.

“We suggest that the behaviour began as a result of early deprivation of maternal suckling, and persisted through life, possibly because it remained satisfying for both individuals. This constitutes the first descriptive report of fellatio in bears.”

Other animals that have been observed practicing homosexual behaviour include bottlenose dolphins, who are known for their intelligence and social abilities and have a number of same sex liasons under their respective belt, including, in one extraordinary instance, an all-male pod that was not lacking in sexual activity.

The bonobo, humanity’s closest relative, are known for using sexual activity to communicate and resolve problems, and this practice includes sexual activity between two bonobos of the same gender.

Dragonflies, albatrosses and the Andean forest songbird “cock of the rock” have also been observed engaging in mating acts in same sex pairs. Although only male “cock of the rock” birds appear to seek mates of the same sex. Obviously.

Sophie Joske

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