How about the Margaret Court Hotel?

As the furor over comments made by Margaret Court continue tennis player and prominent Australians have called for the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne to be renamed.

Some have said its not fair to dismiss the tennis players achievements because of her insulting descriptions of LGBTIQ+ people.

More than a few people have joked about renaming Perth’s famous gay pub The Court Hotel. How would the religious leader feel about it becoming The Margaret Court Hotel.

Bree Maddox, the owner of The Court, has ruled out a name change, but has revealed Perth Now that the venue is inviting people to “come make a racquet about love” as they host a Love All event in June.

The tennis themed night will be on Saturday June 17th and the venue will be making a donation to Australian Marriage Equality.

“We want people to have an outlet to show their support for marriage equality but in a healthy way rather than a nasty way,” Maddox told Perth Now.

There’ll be prizes for the best dressed couple and everyone who attends will be invited to sign a letter that will be sent to Margaret Court showing that she has nothing to be afraid of from people who just want to love.

The poster promoting the event also promised a very special drag show on the night.

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