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Flo Reel

As a medium for self expression drag has always been an unparalleled art form for running the freak flag up the pole to see if anyone salutes. If they don’t then bugger them because it’s a calling that takes balls! Even more so if you happen to be lacking those appendages traditionally associated with what it takes to be a real drag queen.With social media becoming more pervasive by the parsec I had a rooftop round table with Danni Touzel (AKA Flo Reel – pictured) and Bingay hostess with the mostest Veronica Jean Jones to talk all things drag in the digital age.

Why Drag?

Jones: I was attracted to drag because I was knocked back from talent agencies for being too feminine and I like drag because I don’t need a barbie doll like I did when I was four.
I am the Barbie Doll, like how cool is that? To find your persona is to hone in on what makes you who you are.

Reel: I had watched Priscilla Queen of the Desert a million times. I didn’t know if it was the music or Guy Pearce that kept me coming back for more but when I saw Hannah Conda performing at The Court I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Drag has traditionally been a man’s game, as a bio queen have you had any drag mentors?

Reel: I’ve been influenced by too many queens to mention over the years but Ruby Jewelz, Hannah Conda and Delvira Midnight were the ones who could see what I wanted and encouraged me to be a drag queen instead of a drag king. 

How important is social media in the world of drag?

Jones: Social media is huge when it comes to drag. In some countries where it’s illegal some drag queens don’t even leave the house but can become so famous and have thousands of followers. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are all performance outlets to let our personalities out.

You’re still a relative newcomer to the drag scene, where do you see it’s leading?

Reel: All I know is I’m extremely happy, I’ve never been more comfortable in my skin and I’m ready for whatever comes next so who knows where I may end up but I love that. You never know what opportunity could be around the corner or who you could meet.

You can catch Veronica Jean Jones in fine filthy form hosting Bingay at Connections Nightclub and Flo Reel performs regularly at POP Thursdays & Dragathon.

Clinton Little

Image:- Marcin Zydel

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