Poll shows most Aussies want marriage equality resolved in Parliament


The latest Essential Poll on the issue of marriage equality has revealed that most Australians support equal marriage rights and would prefer to see it delivered by Parliament, not a plebiscite.

The poll shows that 53% of Australians would expect Federal Parliament to allow a free vote to legislate for marriage equality, should the proposed plebiscite bill be blocked in the diverse Senate.

Australian Marriage Equality Co-Chair Alex Greenwich says AME believe this is an issue that can be resolved by the parliament, and this poll shows Australia echoes that view.

“The proposed plebiscite is deeply unfair, overly complicated and totally unnecessary,” Greenwich said.

“The Poll revealed that almost half of Australian people are concerned about the possibility of a public campaign that has negative impact on LGBTI Australians, their families and friends.”

The marriage equality advocate said that no Australian should have to sit through a national debate “about their worth and the value of their relationships.”

“Australian Marriage Equality is concerned that the proposed plebiscite has no strategy to support LGBTI people through a plebiscite campaign, particularly young people or marginalised members of the community,” Greenwich continued.

The results of the Essential Poll also shed a light on Australia’s attitude towards the proposed $7.5 million for each the¬†‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns. 68% of respondents disapproved of the planned funding.

“The public funding provisions in the proposed plebiscite legislation would allow tax payers funds to be used to attack other Australians with fear campaigns, and it is totally unnecessary for achieving a reform that the parliament could deliver now,” Greenwich said.

The Greens, Senator Derryn Hinch and the three Xenophon Team senators have all indicated they will not vote for plebiscite enabling legislation. Labor have indicated they are strongly opposed to the public vote, but are yet to take an official stance.

The bill that would enable a plebiscite is currently heading to be defeated, should Labor block the legislation in the Upper House. The party is expected to decide how to proceed at their next Caucus in three weeks time.

OIP Staff

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