New web series delivers a queer take on the classic body swap tale

A new web series from New Zealand delivers a queer take on the classic body swap tale. Life is Easy follows gay boy Curtis and his BFF Jamie Li. Friends since High School, the pair share a birthday and one the night of their 21st birthday celebrations the combination of a lunar eclipse, heavy partying and dubious substances delivers a paranormal experiences. The best friends wake up in each other’s bodies.

Following in the steps of films like Freaky Friday, Dating the EnemyPrelude to a Kiss and All of Me, this series dives into well trodden storytelling territory but adds sexuality and gender into the mix. The two friends thought they knew each other really well and had no secrets, but once their inhabiting each others lives they discover a lot about each other.

Written by and co-starring new talents Chye-Ling Huang (A War Story, Find Me A Māori Bride) and Cole Jenkins (Shortland Street, Westside) and featuring a cast of new POC and queer talent including Sam Wang, Kayne Peters, Sarita Das, Nisha Madhan and Marianne Infante.

For Chye-Ling Huang, writing the series was an opportunity to present queer characters with positive depictions of their sex lives; ” it was important to create POC and queer characters with active, positive sex lives and write experiences not based in trauma.” Huang said of the show.

The show has just begun on online streaming service Revry, check out the series trailer. 

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