PhD student claims gay students use Grindr to cheat in exams

Grindr phone user

A PhD student in India has complained that gay students are using Grindr to cheat in exams. A pamphlet reportedly from student Amit Kumar Maurya has quickly spread across the internet, with news outlets reporting that the student has been handing out his pamphlet to other students at Mubai’s Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR).

It’s not the first time Amit Kumar Maurya has had a rant about gay students and social networks. The student previously authored a Facebook post back in October warning of the coordinated invisible gay network.

“…there exists a large network which is invisible to the straight population. Gays are aware of the network, which they use to help each other. Messaging apps help them to coordinate costlessly [sic] in real time.” Maurya wrote in his article.

The writer expressed his concern that if 5% of the population is gay, then 5% of politicians, community leaders, billionaires and top company executives must also be gay.

Maurya expressed concern that people in charge of University entrances and  examinations may be allowing gay people through by manipulating the system.

The University has denied there is any evidence that gay students or staff are secretly communicating and stressed that the views put forward by the student to do not reflect those of the University.

“The views of Amit Kumar Maurya stated in the pamphlet are his personal and do not reflect the ideology of the institution. It is denied that in the IGIDR there is any cheating modus operandi as alleged related to admission or promotions or any other matter.” Registrar Jai Mohan Pandit told Indian news site Mid-Day.

Mr Maurya was contacted for comment but declined to comment further. Image: Stock image – Yay Micro




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