Pop Princess Begins

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POP Princess 2, the weekly drag competition at Connections Nightclub got underway on Thursday night.

Six aspiring drag queens have signed up for five weeks of challenges from host BarbieQ. This week the queens has to perform a song from any period that has been a Top 40 hit.

While many chose recently popular tunes, a few performers headed back to the ’90s and ’80s for inspiration.

Ana Falaksis swirled around to Katrina and the Waves ‘Walking on Sunshine’, while newcomer Donna Kebab broke out Sophie Ellis Bextor’s ‘Murder on the Dance Floor’. Rachel Discrimination channeled her inner-Whitney to perform ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Kodi Pendant lived up to the motto ‘The Show Must Go On’ when her shoe broke half way through her number, leaving her teetering on one high heeled boot.

In the second half of the show the contestants had to provide some red carpet realness and strut the catwalk. Flo Real shimmered in a gold pants suit, Peri Oxide sported some gigantic hair.

Judges Gavin Kingsbury, Veronica Jones and Champagne DeVille gave the contestants feedback on their performances and cast their votes.

The final scores are kept a secret, but the top two performers are revealed. Perri Oxcide and Flo Real broke out from the pack taking he lead at the end of the first week.

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The judges loved Perri Oxcide’s performance but they were’t huge fans of her blonde ‘boy hair’.

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Rachael Discrimination gives her impersonation of a lion. Grrrrowl.

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Rachel finds her inner-Whitney.

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The judges told Rachel Discrimination that she need bigger hair.

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Donna Kebab dressed as a licorice all sort.

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Donna Kebab, who is nine foot tall in heels, tried to hear what the judges were saying way down there on the ground.

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Kodi Dependent showed off her balancing skills.

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ConnectionsPop Princess2_18WEB

Flo Real has never looked prettier.

ConnectionsPop Princess2_19WEB

Ana Falaksis showed off her pearl necklace.

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The wonderful judges, Veronica Jones, Gavin Kingsbury and Champagne DeVille. Amanda Love is playing the role of Veronica Jones.

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