President Trump mentions vaccine for HIV – but there is no such thing

US President Donald Trump has said the same scientific know how that delivered a vaccine for HIV will also deliver a vaccine for COVID-19, but health experts have been quick to point out that despite almost four decades of research, there is no vaccine for HIV.

The President made the comments during a speech on Tuesday from the Rose Garden of the White House. “They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine.” he claimed.

“Before the end of the year I predict we will have a very successful vaccine, therapeutic and cure, we’re making tremendous progress, I deal with these incredible scientists, doctors, very very closely. I have great respect for their minds, and they’ve come up with things. They’ve come up with many other cures and therapeutics over the years, these are the people who are the best, the smartest, the most brilliant anywhere. They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine.” President Trump said.

President Trump said it was incredible that people could now live a life with a pill rather than face a death sentence.

While advances in the treatment of HIV have seen people living with the virus who have a successful response to medication have a much improved life expectancy, and PrEP treatment has provided greater protection for people who are at increased risk of contracting the virus, there is actually no vaccine.

While it is assumed the President was speaking about the current treatment options and preventative medications, health experts aired there frustration about the misinformation. The White House declined to respond to media organisations requests for clarification.

OIP Staff

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