Q Society Fundraiser: “They do chuck pillow-biters off buildings”

Australian Liberty Alliance

Kirralie Smith with Dutch politician Geert Wilders at the 2015  launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance with Debbie Robinson and Bernard Gaynor.

The Sydney Morning Herald have reported on comments made by members of the conservative movement Q Society at a Sydney fundraiser this week, speaking out against the LGBTIQ community and members of the Islamic faith.

Cartoonist Larry Pickering reportedly told the Sydney audience on Thursday night that he “can’t stand Muslims.”

“They are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings,” Mr Pickering continued.

The fundraiser intends to raise money for the legal defence of Q Society heavyweights, including Australian Liberty Alliance’s (ALA) 2016 NSW Senate candidate Kirralie Smith.

The group are being sued for defamation by Mohamed El-Mouelhy, an Australian Halal certifier.

Q Society President, and 2016 ALA Senate Candidate for WA, Debbie Robinson said Australia is much further down the path of political correctness than most people realise.

“People are beginning to wake up. Brexit and recent results in the US and Europe and indicative of the rise of conservatism,” Ms Robinson reportedly said. “What we are doing is right and righteous.”

Ross CameronSKY News presenter Ross Cameron noted the presence of the media at the event, acknowledging staff from the “Sydney Morning Homosexual.”

“Trigger warning for the Herald, there are heterosexuals in the room… I have to warn you there are some males who are attracted to females in this room,” Mr Cameron is reported to have said.

Cameron also allegedly referred to the Liberal Party as NSW as a homosexual club, and suggested they build a wall around themselves in the style of Roman Emperor Hadrian.

Vocal anti-LGBTIQ politicians Cory Bernardi of the Australian Conservatives and government MP George Christensen are due to appear at a fundraiser for Q Society in Melbourne on Friday.

SKY News, Ross Cameron, Larry Pickering, Q Society and Kirralie Smith have been contacted for comment.

Update: 12:20pm 10th February 2016 – A representative of SKY News said Ross Cameron would be a guest on Janine Perrett’s program at 4pm where they expected his to face some tough questions.  

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