Review | Betty Grumble: Enemies of Grooviness Eat Sh!t

Betty Grumble: Enemies of Grooviness Eat Sh!t Cabaret | The Rechabite | Season Ended | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Betty Grumble’s theatre performance work has evolved, going from strength to strength; a storytelling experience like no other seen, heard or felt.

A multi dimensional performer, revealing a evolution in their performance works, from LOVE & ANGER to Sex Clowns Saves the World, now with her ecofeminist explosion of cathartic love healing energy; Enemies of Grooviness Eat Shit. A self-reflective, personal and political, ecological compost bin of lived experience.

A breath of fresh air, the performance perfectly merges three concepts of grief, pleasure, and justice into one. These are Betty’s and our stories, a conversation between Betty Grumble and all of us. We are invited into deep care as these stories connect and intersect.

Calling into space the bodies and energies of people who have influenced the work, mentors, loved ones, poets of the body, people who have passed and who are still here. We are invited to care for our grief of the bodies we have said goodbye to; the performance is an offering.

We are taken deep into the compost of experience, through poetry, dance, performance, pleasure; truth-telling of the deep misogynist language experienced and rooted in our culture.

We are introduced to the spirit of Candy Royalle, Butch Queen High Priestess of poetry : who’s work was based around pure love not hating. Dr Annie Sprinkle a legendary performance artist whose life work intersects the spaces of performance art, sex work, health care, education and advocation in these areas. The Goddess Elizabeth Burton, a performance art legend from the now lost Bohemian world of Sydney’s Kings Cross.

Grumble is a spiritual access point for Emma Maye Gibson, performance artist. Grumble is a friend, critter, alter ego. Grumble is full of rage, wearing a war mask, presenting to a world that made her body feel as though it was not her own. Casting a glamour spell, making herself so beautiful with pink green gold black war paint and a beauty spot, creating amour armour; to protect.

The performance is an act of liberation and un-shaming. We are taken into the darkness of lived experience balanced with the lightness of love energy and respect. Respect for the body; Earth Body, Cosmic Body, Collective Body, Community Body, all our bodies; we thank you body.

Guy Gomeze

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