Review | ‘Queer as Flux’ takes you on a massive joyous journey

Queer as Flux

Queer as Flux | The Blue Room | Until Nov 13 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Performer and writer Stace Callaghan arrives in a theatrical whirlwind for this autobiographical show that is engaging, emotional and hilarious. Every single second they inhabit the stage was captivating. 

We’re taken on two wild journeys presented simultaneously, and Stace Callaghan plays two unique characters, morphing from one to the other in the blink of an eye. We meet time travelling omnificent fairy drag-mother Polly Tickle, who guides us through a tour of LGBTIQA+ related history. Simultaneously we get to know Stace, and their trip through life from childhood, to adolescence, and into adulthood. 

Callaghan is a enthralling performer, and this roller-coaster ride of a storytelling experience takes the audience through many emotions and experiences. It’s a performance, and script, that is perfectly balanced spending time in the sun and in the shade, highs and lows, bursts of manic energy and moments of quiet reflection.    

A quick-fire style of storytelling, high in alliteration and a quirky turn of phrase, is dominant throughout the production, but it’s punctuated by a beautiful physicality as the performer moves throughout the space.

Queer as Flux

It’s hard to believe this is a one person show, because it feels like we spent time with a whole bundle of people over an hour of high energy monologues.

As Callaghan revisits key moments in their life from imagining their first moments as a newborn, to adventures as a youngster interested in football and obsessed with the Incredible Hulk, through to teenager angst and uncertainty, and to adulthood. Throughout the show we are provoked and reminded that we are always changing, becoming different versions of ourselves, constantly in flux.

Cleverly Queer as Flux shows us that we all transition. Whether it be from young to old, from foolish to wise, from mentally acute to drifting into the fog of dementia, and many other transformations. Against this backdrop, living a life to conform with the gender you feel within your being, seems natural and unquestionable.

In a world where the existence of transgender and non-binary people is constantly challenged, debated and disrespected, this show offers an alternative view; one that shares a personal tale that says; it’s alright, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

This show is embracing, powerful and captivating. It’s in the tiny studio space at The Blue Room, but it deserves to be on the biggest stage we can offer. Go and see it.

Queer as Flux

Queer as Flux is playing at The Blue Room until 13th November, read Leigh Andrew Hill’s conversation with Stace Callaghan

Graeme Watson, images: Kaifu Deng

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