Sizzy Rocket is the new Queen

sizzyrocketSizzy Rocket, you might not have heard of her before but she’s just put out a great version of the Perfume Genius song ‘Queen’.

When Perfume Genius visited Perth earlier this year, and graced the cover of OUTinPerth, we were blown away by his live rendition of the song, but Sizzy Rocket makes the tune her own with a different piano based take.

Sizzy Rocket is from Las Vegas and her track ‘Bestie’ which was released earlier this year was produced by Babydaddy from the Scissor Sisters. She also explored bi-curiosity in the video for the song which is about a one night stand with her best friend.

She followed up that track with a second single called ‘Boy’. ┬áLast year the singer got attention for another cover she put out online, her take on the Beastie Boys ‘Girl’ re-wrote the classic song as a feminist anthem.

Check out Sizzy Rocket’s take on ‘Queen’ below

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