Sophie Ellis-Bextor shares new song ‘Lost in the Sunshine’

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is getting ready to release her new album Hana 花’ and has shared new song Lost in the Sunshine. 

The album will the seventh record of the singer’s solo career, and her first new work since 2015’s Familia. 

Ellis-Bextor says her new album was inspired by a trip to Japan, and its title is the Japanese word for blossom. The single sees the singer sharing memories of the scent of jasmine during a joyful day in the sunshine.

The upcoming record seeing her reunited with producer and songwriter Ed Harcourt who she previously collaborated with on Familia and Wanderlust. The song is the second sample of the upcoming album following Breaking the Circle. 

When Ellis-Bextor chatted to OUTinPerth back in 202 she shared her fondness for her songwriting comrade.

“My favourite collaborator has been Ed Harcourt who I did my last couple of albums with, we just found it so easy to write songs together, and we get excited about the same things and have lots of fun. It’s a joy to work with him, and we have a laugh, and great conversations. It shouldn’t feel like work.” she said.

While it’s been a big gap since the singer’s last album of fresh material, she’s been busy in the intervening years releasing an orchestral recording of her previous works, a greatest hits collection, and lots of collaborations with other artists. The entertainer also kept millions of people entertained during the Covid pandemic with her regular Kitchen Disco live streams that featured her large family.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor recently collaborated with Japanese / Australian duo Rhyme So on a cover of the Malcolm McLaren tune Deep in Vogue. 

Take a listen to her most recent song. 

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