Spot Quiz

DSC_0477WMThe team ‘Gary’s Cat’ took out the top spot last week at The Court Hotel’s new Thursday night quiz.

To get everyone ready for tonight’s second round here’s a trivia spot quiz to warm yourselves up for tonight’s event.

1. Which British musical duo have recorded songs with Kylie Minogue, Elton John and Liza Minnelli?

2. What’s the chemical symbol for gold?

3. Which Spiderman, actor who also stared in ‘Pleasantville’ and ‘The Ciderhouse Rules’ was born on this day in 1975?

4. What year were the Stonewall Riots in New York City?

5. Who played Harvey Milk in the film ‘Milk’?

6. How high is a basketball hoop?

7. Who framed Roger Rabbit?

8. How many train stations are there between and Fremantle, not including Perth and Fremantle?

9. Who is internet sensation Tardar Sauce better known as?

10. There are three words in the English language that start with the letter’s ‘dw’ – what are they?


Here’s the answers: The Pet Shop Boys, AU, Toby Maguire, 1969, Sean Penn, 3 metres, Jessica Rabbit, 15, Grumpy Cat, dwell, dwindle, dwarf.