Transgender man shares his frustration over attacker’s prison sentence

Channel Nine have reported on the frustration and disappointment a local man experienced in the court system when his violent attacker was spared a custodial sentence because he is transgender.

Kaiden Rogers was attacked by Isaac Emerson Stott in Cannington in July 2019. Stott pleaded guilty to the charges of causing grievous bodily harm and making threats to kill.

The assault occurred after the pair had a drunken argument. The court heard how Rogers was struck several times and even after he had fallen and blacked out the blows continued.  Rogers was hit in the face over 20 times before his assailant tried to strangle him.

Both Rogers and Stott are transgender. When the case came to sentencing this week the judge acknowledged that Stott had experienced difficulty being housed in a female prison and opted to give the young man a two year and half year suspended sentence. He has been in prison for six months, and other mitigating factors were also taken into account in sentencing.

For Kaiden Rogers and his family the decision to release his attacker is both upsetting and disappointing. The Department of Public Prosecutions has 21 days to appeal the sentence.

Watch Jaqueline Robson’s report from Nine News Perth.




OUTinPerth editor Graeme Watson was also interviewed for the report by Channel Nine and asked about how the legal system should treat prisoners who are transgender.

Watson said that transgender people must be treated the same as all people in society whether they are the victim of crime or the perpetrator.

It is incumbent upon the government to ensure that there are suitable facilities for everyone, and there have been times in the past where people who are transgender have experienced significantly harsher treatment than their sentences called for.

Some jurisdictions have taken the step of creating specific prison wings for transgender people, and this is something that the Western Australian government should consider as it addresses the states overcrowded prisons.

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