Twitter permanently suspends Milo Yiannopoulos


Micro-blogging site Twitter has permanently suspended the account of gay conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos. The move comes a day after the writer led a harassment campaign against Ghostbuster’s actor Leslie Jones.

Twitter closed down Yiannopoulos’ account after he asked his followers to bombard the actress with racist and misogynistic material.

A spokesperson for Twitter told Buzzfeed News that it respected people had a wide range of views but its terms of service prohibited inciting and engaging in targeted abuse.

“People should be able to express diverse opinions and beliefs on Twitter. But no one deserves to be subjected to targeted abuse online, and our rules prohibit inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.”

Yiannopoulos, who is the Tech Editor at conservative website Breitbart, responded to the ban in an article on his employers website.

“With the cowardly suspension of my account, Twitter has confirmed itself as a safe space for Muslim terrorists and Black Lives Matter extremists, but a no-go zone for conservatives.” Yiannopoulos said.

“Twitter is holding me responsible for the actions of fans and trolls using the special pretzel logic of the left. Where are the Twitter police when Justin Bieber’s fans cut themselves on his behalf?” Yiannopoulos asked.

“Like all acts of the totalitarian regressive left, this will blow up in their faces, netting me more adoring fans. We’re winning the culture war, and Twitter just shot themselves in the foot.”

“This is the end for Twitter. Anyone who cares about free speech has been sent a clear message: you’re not welcome on Twitter.”

The British political pundit appeared on Andrew Bolt’s program last week and shared that he hoped to bring his ‘Dangerous Faggot’ lecture tour to Australia.

In the interview with Bolt the controversial author said political correctness was the greatest threat to everything that makes being gay great.

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