Ugandan Anti-Gay Law Deemed Invalid


In Uganda, a court has struck down Uganda’s widely contested Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Last week the court announced that the law, which makes some acts of homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment, was invalid because it was passed through Uganda’s parliament without a proper quorum.

President Yoweri Museveni, who has been ruling Uganda for 28 years, signed the bill into law in February of this year.

A number of organizations worldwide have halted or reduced their financial aid to the country in response to the controversial laws.

The government in Uganda has not yet made it apparent whether they will appeal the court’s ruling or attempt to pass similar legislation.

Ugandan law professor and gay rights supporter made the following comments regarding the ruling:

““We’re very happy, but it’s unfortunate that the court did not deal with the substantive issues that violate our rights.”

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