Underwear for equality

Fullscreen capture 4062015 101401 AMWe’re all excited about the momentum of the marriage equality moment in Australia, but with so many conflicting opinions, it can be tiresome to have to read all of that information from pesky old paper or greased-up phone screens.

Thankfully, Australian underwear giants AussieBum have synthesised all of the information you need and printed it onto a new line of briefs in support of marriage equality.

The front-page inspired design is plastered with headlines urging Australian politicians to enact reform, outlining that just 12 MP’s are needed to commence this massive change.

AussieBum are long-time supporters of the LGBT community, so it’s no surprise the company has joined the party.

Designs available include ‘Hip Equality’ briefs and ‘L-Leg Equality’ boxers, though no matter how you prefer your equality to fit, 100% of proceeds from these sales will be donated to Australian Marriage Equality.
Currently, OUTinPerth have no plans to print future issues onto boxer briefs. To check out AussieBum’s designs, visit www.aussiebum.com

Leigh Hill

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