US pastor completely misunderstands Australia’s postal survey on marriage

Pastor Mike Hoggard is the Pastor of Bethel Church in Festus, Missouri and he takes to YouTube to make long ranting videos commenting on the state of the world.

Recently some Australian listeners wrote to him and asked him to pray for Australia in light of the High Court challenge against the Australian government’s postal survey on marriage.

The twists and turns of Australia’s journey towards marriage equality are pretty confusing, and Pastor Mike shows how easy it is for someone unfamiliar with our political system to become completely confused.

Pastor Mike reads through a news report on the issue, admitting that he finds the idea of a postal vote odd, and shares that he had to look up the word ‘plebiscite’.

Then he completely misunderstands the whole process and goes completely over the top.

The religious leader says that the remnants of the Obama administration must be alive and well in Australia’s Liberal government. Possibly not clocking that the current government is, despite their name, the conservative side of politics.

Summing up the situation he gets the whole argument back to front and chastises the LGBTI community for pushing for an unnecessary and expensive process.

“So the people who are for sodomite marriage, they are wanting to go for some of ‘something’ that is going to cost $122 million Australian dollars, that right now parliament does not have access to, so they are going to use a clause in their constitution that gives parliament the right to access money for urgent needs, and the transgender lesbian gay says “This is urgent! We got to get married!”

Pastor Michael then goes on to suggest that hurricanes will now head to Australia because of our push for same sex marriage.

“This could very well mean that Australia could start receiving hurricanes like the United States is. Hurricane Harvey done it’s damage upon the second largest homosexual community in America – Houston Texas.” Pastor Michael declares before declaring Florida will soon be hit by a hurricane due to its large homosexual population.

Pastor Mike continues on to rant about a summer camp for transgender children, calls Houston’s former Mayor a militant lesbian, and spends a large part of the video attacking transgender people through history.

Just to clarify for Father Michael – it’s not the LGBTI people asking for parliament to spend $122 million dollars on a non-compulsory, non-binding national opinion poll on marriage, its the government, and they’re the conservatives – like your Republicans.

Also in Australia they’re called cyclones, not hurricanes.

Here’s the full episoide: Not for the fainthearted.

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