Victoria to spend millions on LGBTI support programs

Daniel Andrews

Buzzfeed News have revealed that Victoria’s upcoming state budget will allocate millions of dollars to LGBTIQ support programs and anti-discrimination measures.

One of the measures described as a “rural and regional road show” by Victoria’s Minister for Equality Martin Foley will visit LGBTI communities in more remote areas. Minister Foley confirmed to Buzzfeed this program will be assigned $2.5million.

“This roadshow will see our key agencies in the regions talking to the LGBTI community about what support and services are available,” Foley said.

The program, fronted by Victoria’s gender and sexuality commissioner Rowena Allen, will focus on areas such as mental health, disability, Indigenous issues where LGBTI people are confronted with discrimination and help fund education and training on these issues.

Victoria’s budget will also include a $4million in grants that will be available to LGBTI community leaders to aid in providing mental health support to queer youth. Another $6.4million will be used to develop services for those experiencing gender dysphoria.

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews continues to show unwavering support for the LGBTI community, announcing a $15million Pride Centre just last week that would be the first of its kind in Australia.

Victoria is also one of two current state governments (with ACT) that have vowed to retain and fund the Safe Schools anti-bullying program in its original form.

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