‘You Can’t Ask That’ returns with a whole new group of marginalised people

The ABC’s You Can’t Ask That, is back for a sixth season with eight unflinching episodes, featuring misunderstood, judged, or marginalised Australians answering the public’s anonymously submitted questions.

All of the new episodes, as well as the first five seasons, will be available to binge on ABC iview from Wednesday 28 April and sitting down in front of the cameras are Cheaters, Amputees, Former Footballers, Lesbians, Adult Virgins, Families of Missing People, Chinese Australians and People Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The season will also screen weekly on ABC TV, kicking off on Wednesday 28 April at 9pm and the first episode focusses on Cheaters. Creators said this is the episode that has taken them years to make.

When they put out the call for people who had cheated on their partners to appear in the episode, we were met with a stony silence. But finally, after years of planning, here’s a group who bravely take a seat and face possibly the harshest questions ever asked on You Can’t Ask That.

Other episodes this season include ExFootball players, where Dean Widders, Brock McLean, Todd Carney, Dan Jackson, Willie Mason, Ian Roberts, and Jude Bolton are put on the spot to answer; ’Why do so many of you treat women like shit?’, and ’Have you pissed in your own mouth?’

Normally seen on The Bachelor, Osher Günsberg joins a collection of diverse Australian’s living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), who want you to know that it’s so much more than washing hands or keeping a tidy desk.

Have you ever wondered if amputees really can feel their missing limb, or if they ever get sick of being an ‘inspiration? Eight amputees all have extremely remarkable
and, eye-opening stories to share.

In an emotional episode on Families of Missing Persons, we meet everyday Australians whose lives were changed forever on the day a love one disappeared.

When Bruce Morcombe’s 13-year-old son Daniel went missing from a bus stop in December 2003, it sparked the largest criminal investigation in Queensland’s history.

A father’s deepest pain was the nation’s biggest story. When Bruce picks up a card and reads it out loud: “What would you say to them if they could hear you?” ’He answers
with the conviction of a man who did everything possible in the search of his son.

“That we never gave up, that we tried, and I wish I was a better parent.“ He goes onto clarify that “It’s only when something really substantial is taken away from you that you think, moneys not important, my career is not important. Family is important.”

The episode on Lesbians features Janette ‘Jabba’ Moor, who met her lesbian partner in prison and regards sex with men as “very boring”. In the first You Can’t Ask That episode to
focus solely on sexuality we meet nine empowered women who talk about what it’s like to be a lesbian. About the fascination and fetishization of what they do in the bedroom, the double discrimination of being ‘both a woman and gay,’ and what life’s like when your world isn’t centered around men.

Despite over 200 years of migration history, many Chinese Australians continue to feel othered, still having to prove that they belong. Douglas Lam says with a smile “I’m
a 100% dinky-di… This is my country; I’ve been here longer than you – bugger you”. And Lily a proud Australian Chinese woman, who was born in Wuhan, sports a ‘Made in
China’ tattoo on her back.

And finally, there is a You Can’t Ask That episode where everyone in Australia has shared the same experience at one stage of their life… the episode on Adult Virgins is touching,
humorous and relatable. Our group of adult virgins are asked all the sticky questions such as, ‘Why are you still a virgin?’ and ‘Why not just pay a sex worker and get it over with?”

Mark Wednesday 28 April 2021 for some binge viewing of You Can’t Ask That.

Source: Media Release

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