Abbott and His Daughters on Homosexuality

Liberal Leader Tony Abbott

Liberal Leader Tony Abbott

Two of Tony Abbott’s daughters have come forward in strong support of same-sex marriage, describing the legislation of same-sex marriage as inevitable in generations to come.

Marriage equality advocates are hoping that the views of Bridgette and Francis will force Abbot’s views on same-sex marriage to ‘evolve’.

Bridgette Abott, 20, explained to the Daily Telegraph that “By the time our generation gets into power, I hope and pray something is done about marriage equality and gay rights.’’

Tony Abbott appeared on 60 minutes last month and claimed a shift on his views of homosexuality since 2010, where he admitted in an interview that he was ‘threatened’ by the queer community. 

Abbot’s sister, Christine Forster, who is in a lesbian relationship with Virginia Edwards, admitted that she was disappointed when she saw the broadcasted confession:

“In the first instance I was surprised. I was kind of taken aback. But it really doesn’t reflect what I know of my brother”.

The Opposition Leader admitted on the program that he ‘was a bit disappointed as well’ after reviewing the footage of himself.

In attempts to justify the highly criticized statement, Abbott stated: “What flashed through my mind, as you were questioning me, was what was going on in my own family at the time.”

Despite a supposed shift in his public views on homosexuality, Abbott is still refusing a conscience vote on same-sex marriage for the Coalition party, despite growing support from prominent Coalition MPs.

Australian Marriage Equality National Director, Rodney Croome, stated that even if Abbott’s views don’t personally shift, he should at least allow a conscience vote on the issue.   

Nadine Walker

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