Abbott’s Sister Says His Views Are Changing

Virginia Edwards and Christine Forster

Virginia Edwards and Christine Forster

Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott’s sister has said that her conservative brother’s views on same sex marriage are slowly changing. Mr Abbott’s sister, Christine Forster, who is gay, appeared on the JJJ current affairs program ‘Hack‘ earlier today.

Ms Forster is a Liberal Party Councilor on the City of Sydney Council and was in attendance at the leader’s debate last night when the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, promised the introduction of a same sex marriage bill within the first hundred days of a new government. Ms Forester said she ‘welcomed’ the Prime Minister’s promise, but said she still supported her brother.

Ms Forster said she and her partner Virginia Edwards would not travel overseas to get married, predicting that the law would be changed in Australia in the future. Ms Forster revealed that the Opposition leader felt conflicted following his vote against same sex marriage last year. Ms Forster said he brother’s views are slowly changing;

“Almost every time it comes up with him, you see slight, very small shifts,” said Ms Forster.

“That doesn’t sound like much, but it really is a significant shift for a man who all of his adult life has not even questioned his opposition to reforming the marriage act to have it also cover same-sex couples.

Last night in the leader’s debate Mr Abbott acknowledged that marriage equality is an important issue for many Australians, but he did not see it as a priority for an incoming coalition government.

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