ACL pauses campaign for Israel Folau with over $2 million raised

The Australian Christian Lobby has hit the pause button on their fundraising campaign for Israel Folau with over $2 million raised for the multi-millionaire rugby player.

Folau is appealing to the public to help fund his legal action against Rugby Australia who terminated his employment contract in relation to a series of social media posts the player made.

Folau had originally set a target of $3 million for the fund, legal experts have questioned why such a large amount was required.

The ACL have announced that over 20,000 people contributed to the campaign, raising over $2 million, they said they would re-open the fund if Folau’s legal action dragged out and needed additional money. The organisation itself donated $100,000 to the campaign.

In place of the campaign for Folau, the ACL have begun promoting their own regular fundraising campaign asking people to donate to their wider campaign for supporting religious freedom and advocacy of Christian views.

The ACL has also defended their decision to host Folau’s campaign saying there is no way it breaches their registration as a charity.

“The ACL’s charitable purposes include the advancement of the Christian religion and advocating for changes in law and public policy. It’s clear that Izzy’s case is a matter of both religious freedom and legal advocacy.” said Managing Director Martyn Iles.

Illes called on political leaders to take action on bringing in new religious freedom legislation.

“The absence of political leadership on religious freedom cannot continue and it now falls to the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to clearly explain how they will enshrine these freedoms in law.”

“They cannot wash their hands of the issue like Pontius Pilate and fulfil their duty to the Australian electorate.” Illes said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has previously described the plan to bring in new legislation for religious freedom as a top priority for his government.

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