ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill says it’s the right time for him to step down

Nicolas Parkhill, the CEO of NSW based health organisation ACON has announced his resignation after 15 years of leadership.

In a statement, Parkhill said he was leaving the organisation is a “very good place”. He’s been with the body for 18 years, 15 of those in the CEO position.

“I feel it is the right time for the organisation, and for myself, both personally and professionally.

“ACON is in a very good place, and continues to deliver on its strategic plan, to our communities, and to our many beneficiaries and stakeholders.

“We have in place extraordinarily strong governance, an incredibly talented and dedicated Deputy CEO and Senior Leadership Team, and amazing staff and volunteers who consistently deliver excellent programs and services.”

Parkhill said ACON would continue to work to provide innovative ways to support people and communities affected by HIV.

“We continue to work with our communities in innovative ways to reduce HIV notifications and to assist people living with HIV, always adapting our programs to benefit those most at risk.

“Our ability to build new LGBTQ+ health programs where we know there is real and unmet need, continues to strengthen, and increase our impact.”

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve our communities in this way. I am proud of all that ACON has achieved, and I am so grateful for the incredible people who I have had the privilege to work alongside over the last 18 years.”

During Parkhill’s time at the helm the former AIDS Council of New South Wales has seen a significant reduction in the levels of new diagnosis of HIV, and the introduction of PrEP treatments.

The organisation has also dramatically expanded their reach through the launch of initiatives such as Pride in Diversity and Pride in Sport which have given them a national platform. ACON has also played a prominent role in calling for more investigation in historical gay hate crimes in New South Wales.

Parkhill will remain in his role until August when his current contract expires.

Dr Justin Koonin, the President of ACON had high praise for Parkhill’s contributions.

“Nicolas’ strong leadership, relentless pursuit of excellence, spirit of innovation and collaborative approach have seen ACON achieve remarkable growth and success. He leaves behind an organisation that is strong, agile and ready to continue on in its journey towards meeting its strategic objectives. He leaves big shoes to fill, but the organisation is in a great place.” he said.

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