Actor Jared Leto will portray Andy Warhol in a new film

Actor Jared Leto has confirmed that his biopic of artist Andy Warhol is going ahead.

Leto will play the acclaimed pop-art painter in a new film and he shared the news on his Instagram page saying, “Yes, it’s true I will be playing Andy Warhol in an upcoming film. And so grateful and excited about the opportunity.”

Rumours of a project involving Leto have been around for years and it seems the film is becoming a reality, the script is largely based on the Victor Bockris book called Warhol: The Biography. Writers will have no shortage of material to draw on to find out about the artist’s life, aside from the autobiographies written by many of the creative people who surrounded Warhol, his own diaries were published after his 1987 death.

Warhol has been played on screen by quite a few actors in the past, Crispin Glover was Warhol in The Doors, David Bowie portrayed him in Basquiat, Australia’s Guy Pearce donned the wig for Factory Girl, while Mad Men actor Jared Harris played the part in the film I Shot Andy Warhol. On television he’s been portrayed by John Cameron Mitchell in Vinyl, while Evan Peters played him in American Horror Story III. 

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