Adam Noviello shares stunning video for new song ‘Fumbling’

Adam Noviello has a brand-new single Fumbling and it’s all about dancing away your feelings. The new song comes with a stunning video.

Noviello shared that the song was inspired by a moment of anxiety he experienced.

“The lyrics for Fumbling had been a note on in my phone for a few weeks, having come about when I experienced an unfortunate and rather hectic bout of anxiety on a recent night out. What better way to combat dance floor anxiety than to write a dance floor banger, right?” Noviello said.

 Take a look at the stunning new video.

The singer, songwriter and actor is about to head off a tour, but sadly there’s no Western Australian dates at this stage.

He’ll be playing Doof Disko at Inflation Nightclub in Melbourne on 28th September, Brisbane’s Big Gay Day at The Wickham on 1st October, the Queerbourhood at The Bearded Tit in Sydney on 11th October, Sofar Sounds in Sydney on 14th October which will be held in a secret location, and Thursgay at Yah Yah’s in Melbourne on 19th October.

OIP Staff, image by Daniel Enright. 

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