Anthony Callea returns with powerful new song’ What’s Wrong With Me?’

For the last few years Anthony Callea has been busy delivering his tribute show to George Michael, appearing on reality TV shows and releasing a series of covers albums, but now he’s back with fresh new original music.

Delivered to radio this week, What’s Wrong With Me? written by  Callea alongside Robert De Sa and Isabella Kearny-Nurse is described as a soulful pop song that blends vulnerability with a newfound depth and emotional strength.

OUTinPerth has been given a sneak preview of the video video clip for the tune which will be released on the 25th October. In it Callea delivers a powerful performance.

The singer says, “What’s Wrong With Me? is a deep and meaningful song for me. It’s inherently personal but also a song that I think many will be able to relate to.

“Telling a story through music is in my DNA and when I close my eyes and get behind the mic, I feel like I am home.

“It’s an honour to share this song with Australia and the world. Self-discovery is a beautiful yet confronting and scary process, so I hope that when you hear this song, you connect with me and we share a moment together, a moment of honesty, purity and respect.” Callea said.

We’ve had a couple of listens to the new tune and it’s very powerful and instantly memorable. Just one week until we can show you the video…

OIP Staff