Australian musician Montaigne comes out as non-binary

Australian musician Montaigne has announced that they are non-binary. The singer shared the information in an Instagram post commenting on recent media reports relating to the Archibald Prize.

Earlier this month Montaigne’s friend artist Julia Gutman won Australia’s most prestigious art prize, The Archibald Prize for Portraiture. Gutman’s winning work was a portrait of the singer created out of mixed media.

The singer said a lot of media reports had noted that a collaboration between two women had been the winner of the prize, but Montaigne wants everyone to know that they identify as non-binary.


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Montaigne is best known for representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest. They were first selected to take part in the competition in 2020 but the event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Montaigne represented Australia the following year but was unable to travel to the event due to travel restrictions, instead they appeared via video.

to date, the singer’s career has produced three albums of material. Their debut album Glorious Heights arrived in 2016, this was followed by 2019’s Complex. Montaigne’s most recent album is last year’s Making It! which featured collaborations with David Byrne and Eurovision favourite Daði Freyr.

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