Australia’s First Gay US Ambassador Nominated

ObamaLGBT advocates have welcomed the nomination of Australia’s first openly gay US ambassador.

John Berry was nominated as part of the new 15 key administration posts announced last week, if officially confirmed by the Senator, Berry is part of eight gay men newly nominated for US Ambassador positions by President Obama.   

The current US Ambassador for Australia, Jeffrey Bleich, welcomed the nomination,

“I know John as a smart, energetic and extremely likeable man who is enthusiastic about the US-Australian relationship”, he said to Fairfax Media.

“He is a talented and dedicated public servant with a wealth of experience in senior level positions. I am hopeful that the US Senate will act favorably on his nomination, and look forward to the opportunity to work with him to ensure a seamless transition.”

Berry has significantly assisted in the fight for LGBT rights over in the States; this included work towards creating a formal complaints procedure for those discriminated against based on sexual orientation.

Four years ago Berry became the highest ranking openly gay official; he was also the former director of the Office of Personal Management.

Marriage equality advocates are hoping the gay friendly nomination will help keep same-sex marriage on the political agenda.

Canberra spokesperson for Equal Love, Ivette Madrid, hopes that Berry will continue with his LFBT advocacy in Australia.

“If he’s going to do the same here in Australia, it would be great,” he said.

“He would be welcomed with open arms, to support our cause and our fight for equality.”

 Nadine Walker





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