Be seduced by ‘ARCANA: The Devil’s Temptation’ at Fringe World

You never know what’s on the cards at Fringe World 2022 and ARCANA: The Devil’s Temptation has a some major talent in their deck.

The dynamic showcase of burlesque, dance, and circus returns hot on the heels of a successful introduction to the ARCANA series in Fringe World 2021 (ARCANA: The Order of the Divine).

Perth’s own burlesque performer and veteran cabaret producer, Whisky A’More, has invited the Devil and a scorching hot group of  performers she describes as seductive, dark, provocative, sizzlingly funny, and fiery hellraisers to turn up the heat with their hot new take on the iconography and interpretation of some of the major Arcana tarot cards.

The Devil, played by the incredible talent of Sam Madame, has been recruited to tempt you and awaken devilish desires as you are introduced to the line-up of incredible talent who are inspired by some of the most significant major arcana tarot cards as they explore the mystique of heaven and hell and everything in between.

ARCANA: The Devil’s Temptation is a brand new show, second in the series based on the tarot cards. The ARCANA shows are a little bit different from my usual cabaret shows and I’m really excited about how this next show will look and feel for the audience” enthused Whisky, while also remaining fairly tight-lipped about the exact details of the show,” A’More said of the new show.

“We brought ARCANA: The Order of the Divine to the stage in Fringe World 2021 immediately after a snap COVID-19 lockdown, when we were restricted to 25% capacity limitations and the audience had to wear masks… This was difficult as we feed so much off the smiles and cheers from a packed audience.”

“But, as a producer, I couldn’t have been prouder with how the cast came together in the face of adversity and put on an amazing show, giving it their best for the small audience we were allowed to have. I don’t know what the future holds for Fringe World 2022 in relation to COVID-19, but I hope no shows face the same challenges experienced during the last festival. However, we are looking forward with a positive mind and I can’t wait to see the Devil tempt the audience with sexy treats we have in store!”

ARCANA: The Devil’s Temptation can be seen at Fringe World from 1 – 6, 8 – 13 February 2022. For tickets and more info head to

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