Benny Andersson says new ABBA music will come in 2020

ABBA member Benny Andersson has shared that he expects the new music the band recorded a few years ago to be released in 2020.

The band announced that a new documentary on the bands history would air, and a groundbreaking hologram live experience would be touring the world, and these projects had inspired the foursome to return to the studio and lay down two new tunes that would be released in late 2018.

The four members of the band said there was no chance of them appearing on stage together in the future, in the 40 years since the legendary groups slip up they’ve only appeared in public together on a few occasions.

But 2018 came and went and the tunes, documentary and tour never emerged. In a recent interview Benny Andersson said the songs would be getting a release, and he expected them to be out after the Europeans summer of 2020.

I Still Have Faith in You and Don’t Shut Me Down, are the names of the songs fans have eagerly been awaiting.

“They’re coming,” Andersson said recently. “They’re coming this year. I’m guessing after the summer. But I can only guess, because I’m not really sure. But I would think so.”

“If I were to decide myself, it would be September,” he said. “I can’t make that decision alone. But that’s what we’re aiming for.”

The two year delay on the release of the tunes in not too bad compared to some other artists who’ve promised music then failed to meet their deadlines.

Guns and Roses began work on their sixth studio album Chinese Democracy in 1997 but didn’t manage to release it until 2008. Australian cut-n-paste artists The Avalanches took a long time to release the follow up to their debut album, they constantly promised fans a new record was coming soon for over 15 years. Prince pulled plans to release The Black Album in 1987, it finally got a release in 1994.

OIP Staff