Bill Introduced to Recognise Same Sex Marriages

Same Sex MArriage

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has today introduced a bill to remove the ban on the recognition of legal overseas same-sex marriages.

The bill, with Labor’s support, has been sent to an inquiry by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee to look at the impact of both not recognizing overseas same sex marriages as well as the social, legal and economic impact of same sex marriage inc countries in which such unions are legal.

Australian Marriage Equality leader Rodney Croome had this to say:

“We will be encouraging couples legally married overseas to tell their personal stories about the hurt and harm caused by Australia’s failure to recognise their solemn vows of lifelong commitment.

“We will also be encouraging researchers and decision-makers from countries with marriage equality to detail the positive impacts the reform has had, and to confirm that none of the dire prediction of marriage equality opponents have come to pass.”

The UK government has announced that same sex couples will be able to lodge notices of intention to marry at UK consulates from June 4th.

“Many Australians will be outraged when they see couples marrying in Australia’s UK consulates only to be ‘unwed’ the moment they step outside the consulate and back on to Australian soil”, Mr Croome said.

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