Boy George and Culture Club releasing music thick and fast

Boy George is continuing to share new music regularly. No longer burdened by the expectations of a record company that expects music to come in the form of an album every few years, George has been putting out a steady stream of single releases.

In fact, George has put out over 40 singles, and a dub album since the beginning of 2021.  Recent releases include Storm Chaser, Can’t Say No, Eyeliner Voodoo, Freedom Guitar, Just Enough, Emotional Instincts, Underwater, and many more. Plus he’s collaborated with Loverush UK for a dance track London Calling Paris, and teamed up with band We Are Brando appearing on their song Context.

While the releases come fast and furious on iTunes, Boy George shares even more new songs to his YouTube channel, including demo versions of work in progress.

The latest video from Boy George as a solo artist is for Blue Jeans. The video is directed by William Baker, who spent many years as Kylie Minogue’s personal stylist, as has also worked with Britney Spears, Bjork and Jamiroquai.

The song and video is a celebration of double and tipple denim, and sees Boy George performing alongside a succession stylishly dressed scenesters.

There’s also a new track from Culture Club, The Next Thing Will Be Amazing is a Balearic dance track with a happy summer vibe.

The track clocks in at six and half minutes and is filled with funky guitars and sing-a-long vocals.

OIP Staff

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