‘Briefs’ Boy Tags Along in Scott Spark Video

Scott Sparks

Scott Spark has released a new single entitled ‘Tag Along’ featuring none other than dancer and ‘Briefs’ boylesque performer Fez Faanana.

Spark said the song is about releasing it’s time to let someone in: “‘Tag Along’ is about accepting that you actually need someone in your life, or at least want someone in your life. It comes from a place of feeling as though you’re independent, but then coming unstuck. Somehow, you fall in love, and in that moment, you realise you want to see this person again. Or even want to rearrange your life around them; or want them to rearrange their life around you.”

Watch the video below to see Faanana lead Spark in a game of follow the leader so intense it takes up the course of an entire day:

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