Brunch, Lunch, Munch: The Little Pantry, Solo Pasta, Dough Pizza

BRUNCH: The Little Pantry

This is a great cafe for breakfast, or Sunday brunch.

The breakfast options were numerous, including a tempting black rice pudding but we sampled their ‘on trend’ bowls.

The Korean styled bowl with Roast pork strips, kimchi, brown rice and corn was satisfying, while the mushroom bruschetta a nice twist on the traditional offering. A generous side of bacon made it extra tasty.  

The Little Pantry is at 206 Nicholson Road, Shenton Park.

LUNCH: Solo Pasta

Meet Solo Pasta, the newest eating establishment in Mount Lawley, it’s a cool concept.

The team make three types of pappardelle pasta, plain, beetroot and spinach.

Each dish is three meters of the pasta of your choice, plus one of their flavoursome sauces. If you’d like extra pasta, you pay by the metre.

The Beetroot pasta with chicken, sundried tomato and vermouth sauce was scrumptious. We’ll definitely be going back.   

Solo Pasta is at 628 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley.

MUNCH: Dough Pizza

Pizza resturaunt Dough was busy, packed with mid-week revellers when we called in late one weeknight.

It took forever to get any attention from the wait staff who were lost in conversation.

The starters we sampled were delicious, polenta chips with a tomato sauce and crispy fried calamari. The pizzas had interesting flavour combinations but were dripping in oil.

Dough Pizza is at 434A William Street, Northbridge.