‘You Can’t Ask That’ seek participants for show’s next season

TV show You Can’t Ask That has tackled many different subjects during its first three seasons. From children of gay parents, to reality TV stars, drag queens and people with physical deformities.

The ABC show sees people from marginalised and misunderstood groups answering questions put forward anonymously from the public. The producers have just announced the different areas they will tackling on 2019’s season.

In 2019 You Can’t Ask That will cast a net wider than ever before, putting diverse subjects under the microscope: alcoholics, Africans, survivors of domestic violence, former politicians, strippers, people who have killed someone (accidentally or intentionally), Olympic gold medallists, people who’ve been bullied, disaster survivors, intersex people, lotto winners and travelling show people (“carnies”).

To apply to appear on the show or to submit questions for any of the new subjects – go to the ABC’s website or drop the show an email

OIP Staff


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