‘Change Has To Come’: Mo’Ju prepares fourth studio album

Change Has To Come is the first single from the upcoming fourth studio LP, due March 2023 from Naarm/Melbourne-based Musician, songwriter, storyteller advocate and Filipino/Wiradjuri kid, Mo’ju.

Mo’Ju says Change Has To Come is a plea to step away from the screens and the keyboards, to look up and out, and take your shouting to the streets to fight for political change, but most of all it is an appeal for communities to unite and come together in the physical world.

Mo’Ju’s third album Native Tongue was one of 2018’s most important and award-winning releases, impacting her life, song-writing and the Australian music landscape.

That last album was career definer for the singer/songwriter, Mojo had documented a deep and intimate exploration of her Wiradjuri and Filipino roots. The album represented a turning point in both Mojo’s career and in the ways in which Australian songwriters are telling their personal stories.

Check out the first taste of Mo’Ju’s next chapter now.

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