Chicks on Speed Are Ready to Scream

Chicks on SpeedMusic, fashion and art provocateurs Chicks on Speed are coming to the Fremantle Arts Centre this April with their interactive exhibition: ‘SCREAM’.

They’ll also be launching their new album ‘UTOPIA’ at FAC on April 5th alongside the exhibition for a totally kaleidoscopic, electronic assault on the senses.

Member Alex Murray-Leslie tells us what it’s all about: “Well the main vision of ‘SCREAM’ is to present a media environment that can be interactive for the public and that they can actually we creative within. To break down this notion of creator, pop star.”

Fellow Chick on Speed Melissa Logan explains the process they went through: “Well music one records and writes and does one’s best and then you put it out into the world and then music just goes all over the world, one doesn’t have so much control over it then. And with the exhibition we’ve been working on it more and more with each time we exhibit it, we add to it.”

Alex says that Perth’s run of the exhibition is their most ambitious. The exhibition will feature ‘The Golden Gang’, a short film shot in Kalgoorlie in the Pinnacles, as well as the ‘object instruments’, such as the high heeled shoe guitar, that have become very popular.

‘SCREAM’ will be on at the Fremantle Arts Centre from the 5th of April to the 25th of May.

Sophie Joske

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