City Living allows a new lease on life

Jed Raymond

Twenty three year old Jed Raymond has just moved from East Perth to a Northbridge apartment to be even closer to the city centre and Northbridge. Raymond tells OUTinPerth that city living has lots of advantages over staying in the suburbs.

“It’s the best, I love it! Just having everything on your door step is the best thing, I walk out of my apartment and I just have everything there for me.”

“I can head out for a drink with a friend and I don’t have to worry about getting public transport, or being able to catch a taxi or driving.”

“I definitely go out more,” said Raymond, “The big difference is that you can go out and just have that one drink with a friend on a Wednesday, every night doesn’t have be a big event.”

Being able to walk to his work on St George’s Terrace is something else Raymond sees as being a great advantage, noting that he gets the exercise of walking to work, but also has the luxury of jumping on a CAT bus on those mornings that he wants to sleep in a little.

“You don’t get as much ‘bang for your buck’ living in the city but it pays for itself at the end of the day, because you save so much on everything else.”

Raymond recalls that when he lived in a two story house in suburbia he certainly had a lot more space and a garden, but not having green fingers, it’s not something he misses. To fit into a smaller living space Raymond admits he had to jetison some furniture and possessions.

“One of the downsides though is everyone becomes your best friend on a Friday or Saturday night, and everyone suggests having some pre-drinks at your house.” Laughs Raymond, “When you live just a five minute walk away from The Court and Connections everyone suggests meeting at your place.”

Perth at Dusk

Living in the city has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years, in fact over 2000 people have moved into the city in the last two year pushing the city’s population to over 20,000. By 2033 the city’s population is expected to reach over 35,000.

Research from the Australian Bureau Statistics had revealed that same sex couples in Australia are more likely to favour apartment living. At the last census almost 51% of male same sex couples were living in an apartment, flat or terrace house, while 31% of female couples were found in similar accommodation.

Raymond tells OUTinPerth that living in the city has also allowed him to discover lots of things that he didn’t notice existed before.

“There are all these little bars and coffee places to be found in lane ways. When you go out to grab your coffee or newspaper you discover so much more than if you’re just here on a Friday night.”

Image: Jed Raymond at Bivouac on William Street.

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