City of Perth considers installing a huge rainbow to promote Pride

The City of Perth is considering installing a giant rainbow graphic to show support for the Pride movement.

This week councilors endorsed a motion from Councilor Catherine Lezer which will see the city’s staff investigate different options, potential locations, and costs associated with the proposed project. The different options will be presented to the council before the end of the 2022-23 financial year.

In putting forward the Cr Lezer outlined that the city has a rich and lengthy LGBTIQA+ history, and has been a meeting place for queer people from across the state. The city is also one of the major funding partners of the annual Pride Festival.

In her proposal Cr Lezer said initially the idea had been to install a rainbow crosswalk somewhere in the city, but there had been advice that Main Roads has many rules about pedestrian crossings, so the idea was adapted to create a giant rainbow graphic.

The proposal also revealed that Pride WA is looking to relocate to a premise within the City of Perth.

OIP Staff

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